ABLOY® CUMULUS - our new platform for keyless access

We have wrapped over a hundred years of security expertise into digital solutions for connected access management. ABLOY CUMULUS combines quality products with secure access and management applications. It provides the key to keyless access by bringing all the solutions together into a single ecosystem with a risk-free, integrated cloud service.

CUMULUS offers interfaces for third-party applications and software development. The CUMULUS range of keyless and online access solutions – from mobile keys and padlocks to upcoming electric locks and controllers – can be administered with the software tool that best suits the customers’ needs. By selecting ABLOY OS INCEDO, the organization can also manage other ABLOY solutions with the same tool, such as electromechanical PROTEC2 CLIQ™ and mechanical keys.

CUMULUS is a cloud service for modern security management. It minimizes management risks and provides a secure, tailored, always on-line and evolving access solution for our customer organizations.


The key to keyless access

Operational efficiency with ABLOY CUMULUS

CUMULUS ensures secure access in commercial real estate, public spaces, housing, and sites essential for the functioning of society.


ABLOY CUMULUS brings certainty to your cash-in-transit.


Easily manage access rights with ABLOY CUMULUS, even when there are many subcontractors at your construction site.

Parcel delivery

With ABLOY CUMULUS you know exactly when your parcel is delivered.

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