Critical infrastructure is like a spider’s web

In order to succeed, a society requires safe, reliable and functioning services. Critical infrastructure consists of the structures and functions that are vital to society, such as energy production and distribution, logistics, telecommunications, defence, the financial sector and the healthcare sector. Critical infrastructure manifests itself in ways we do not even think about in our everyday lives: the clean water we drink, the safe food we eat, and the communications systems we rely on.

In a rapidly changing world, critical infrastructure protection (CIP) is more important than ever. In the past, infrastructure systems were physically independent elements, without much contact with each other. Today, the opposite is true: society’s critical infrastructures are increasingly intertwined. But as these components of infrastructure facilitate smoother social functions, the networked nature of systems also makes the entire infrastructure more vulnerable to attacks of multiple kinds. 

Critical infrastructure is like a spider's web: its components are critical alone, but also in relation to each other. For example, disruption of water and electricity production and distribution causes immediate ripples in other important functions, such as banking, food production, and logistics. The domino effects takes on a whole new significance; any society is only as strong as its weakest link.  

Finnish expertise in security has always been state of the art. Abloy has protected critical infrastructure for almost its entire 110-year history. Today, ABLOY locking continue to protect the most critical facilities worldwide – both mechanically and digitally.

Global megatrends, such as digitalisation and urbanisation, are changing the world faster than ever. The standards of critical infrastructure protection continue to rise, and new solutions are continuously needed.

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) id the theme of the Abloy Focus Forum 2017 seminar held on 10 May in Helsinki, Finland.


Jorma Issakainen

Vice President, Abloy International