Making schools more secure – safety in everyday life

A significant number of students, teachers, maintenance personnel, parents enter and leave school premises (school facility) daily. In all circumstances  safety in everyday life and in emergency situations must be secured.  By choosing efficient key management and high security products, not only save time and expenses, but also increase school´s security for higher level. Lost keys are no longer a problem.

PROTEC2 CLIQ - secure every lock, key and access with remote access management

PROTEC2 CLIQ access management solution answers every question that the challenges of modern global security ask. Providing situational awareness to improve your security with a system that combines the best of Abloy’s mechanical and electromechanical technology, in a digital solution. Able to manage and track all your keys, personnel access rights and movement from a central location. The convenience of remote control and high-level security throughout your business anytime and from anywhere.

ABLOY EXIT – Secure your exit route

ABLOY EXIT is simple, reliable and pervasive solution for a functional exit safety. By anticipating and investing in functional exit safety by now, you can be certain that your exit route is secured in any case. Choose ABLOY EXIT, guarantee your trust and be free from concern.

Antimicrobial environment

Microbes accumulate particularly in hospital environments and are spread from one surface to another. ABLOY ACTIVE is an infection-reducing antimicrobial solution for door accessories such as handles, pulls, panic bars and cylinders. ACTIVE destroys 99 percent of harmful bacteria, including the MRSA hospital bacteria, Listeria and Salmonella, and is 100 percent safe for the user.