Уведомления о конфиденциальности

  • Какую личную информацию будет обрабатывать ABLOY?  
  • Как и почему ABLOY будет использовать ваши личные данные и с какой целью?
  • Передача персональных данных
  • Как долго ABLOY будет хранить ваши персональные данные?
  • Каковы ваши права и куда обращаться, если у вас есть вопросы о конфиденциальности

Change log

Privacy Notice – Marketing
  • 27.8.2020  Updated chapters 4. (purpose and legal basis for processing personal data), 5. (personal data processed), 7. (data transfers) and 8. (data processed outside the EU)
  • 15.1.2019 – Updated chapters 7. (data transfers) and 8. (data processed outside the European Union)
  • 3.10.2018 – Added new data content: telephone number, photo and statement from reference customers.
Privacy Notice – Job Applicants
  • 19.12.2018  Basis of data processing for Introduction information changed to Legitimate interest of the data controller and statuatory obligation.
Privacy Notice – Personnel
  • 11.3.2019 – Updated Chapter 8. (Data processed outside the European Union). Correction regarding to HR system's security and monitoring services.
  • 8.10.2019 - Updated section 8. (Is personal data processed outside the European Union?). Added information regarding transfer of data in travel booking and travel expense services.
  • 20.10.2020: Updated information regarding exit interviews and data transfers outside EU/EEA area.
  • 22.12.2020: Specified the purposes for processing and the controller’s legitimate interest.
Privacy Notice - Suppliers
  • 14.1.2020 - Updated chapter 3 (Whose data is processed), chapter 4 (What is the purpose and legal basis for processing personal data?), Chapter 5 (What personal data is processed), Chapter 7 (Who will the data be transferred to?).
Privacy Notice - Customers
  • 15 October 2020 Added information wherefrom can be found more information on how we process the personal data of Abloy certified locksmiths.

  • 18.8.2020 Completed the notice with information related to customer surveys.


1.      What is the purpose and legal basis for processing personal data?