Only one key can open all the locks of a single gaming facility


For years Abloy and Finnish gaming company Veikkaus Oy have developed the locking systems of slot machines for Veikkaus’ specific needs. Recently slot machines’ locking system updated with electronic PROTEC2 CLIQ® system, which has made cashing and maintenance of the slot machines easier than ever.

Veikkaus Oy, which has a slot machine and casino monopoly in Finland, has tens of thousands of slot machines in thousands of gaming facilities around the country. Veikkaus additionally owns the only casino in Finland, Casino Helsinki. In 2015, a revenue of EUR 591.2 million was accumulated from slot machines in partner companies' premises only.

Abloy and Veikkaus have cooperated for years in the development of slot machines and mechanical locking systems for them. Over the last five years the locking systems of machines have been developed towards a more electrical future. The goal is to lock slot machines safer than in the past, and to make the maintenance of the machines and collecting the money cases easier.

As a result of the development, a locking system combining mechanical and electronic technology called PROTEC2 CLIQ® has been deployed in Veikkaus' slot machines. With its adaptability, this locking system was tailored especially to suit the needs of Veikkaus.

– Benefits have already been seen in sites where several slot machines have been equipped with the system, as all machines can be emptied with the same key. For example, in gaming facilities with dozens of slot machines, the number of keys has dropped to a fraction, states Risto Voima, technical expert at Veikkaus Oy.

Strict user privileges are specified for the key within the frame of which it will work. In practice, for example, the key of a service technician for slot machines can be given access rights for a few hours, after which the locks can no longer be opened. In the case of Veikkaus, each slot machine has a reader, and the key's access rights are updated while being close to each machine.

– The service representative's work is easier and faster, as they can open machines with one key as needed, Risto Voima explains.

A flexible locking system brings clear cost savings. Loss of an electronic key does not require an expensive rekeying of locks, as it is enough to just delete the access rights of the lost key. The easiness of the PROTEC2 CLIQ® system contributes to a short shut-down time for a slot machine.

– Losses will remain at a low level, Risto Voima adds.

Since the access rights are easy to update, the locks can be recycled from one machine to another, and be used over and over in any machine. This is sensible even from an ecological point of view. Even adding new money cases does not require serialization any more.

Slot machines equipped with the PROTEC2 CLIQ® system cannot be opened without a trace in the access register. Precise tracking efficiently prevents abuse, already during contract manufacturing, and secures deliveries, where no keys that could be copied are included. The management of keys, access rights and access register is handled at Veikkaus by around twenty persons, in addition to their regular tasks.

The versatile PROTEC2 CLIQ® opens up possibilities for an even wider improvement of efficiency of operations. Integration could, for example, mean that a slot machine would automatically send access rights to the key of a service technician in connection to a service call.

INFO Veikkaus Oy

On January 1st 2017, three Finnish gambling operators, Raha-automaattiyhdistys (RAY), Fintoto, and Veikkaus ry, were united into one gambling company, Veikkaus Oy.

The Finnish Slot Machines Association, Raha-Automaattiyhdistys RAY, was established in 1938 in order to collect funds for charity from slot machine operations. Before the fusion RAY had a monopoly on slot machine and casino operations.

Revenues from the gaming operations are directed to benefit all who live in Finland. There are thousands of aid targets around the country, and grants are used to support, for example, hobbies, sports, culture, social welfare and health organisations, overall well-being and the voluntary work of Finns.

Veikkaus develops and delivers games to gaming facilities, and takes care of their maintenance.