Case: Telecom



Securing networks is not just about securing physical assets, it’s about securing the entire business. You have to guarantee 24/7 flexibility and speed of access, and build for scalability. As large, remote telecom towers are forced to make way for an increased number of smaller local cell sites, network maintenance has to be both fast and cost-efficient in order to keep operational expenses and downtime in particular, as low as possible.

Customer need

A leading telecommunication provider operating in all segments of the telecom market needed an intelligent locking system for its mobile network and technical buildings at nearly 10,000 different locations. They were looking for a reliable partner with extensive services and a solution that offers high key security, an audit trail capability, a three year warranty period and measurable business benefits. Also the payback period of the investment had to be less than three years.

ABLOY solution

The requirements were met and exceeded with PROTEC2 CLIQ® from ABLOY. The remotely controlled system based on mechanical and electronic identification is easy to use and manage, it makes updating quick and efficient, it is scalable for future needs and can be integrated with other systems.


  • Double security with electronic and mechanical access
  • Reduced costs and time of access to network facilities without staff
  • Reduction of key distribution points and key copies
  • Remote supervision of electronic access rights – more efficient maintenance and services
  • Reduction of incidents and theft
  • Shorter and more demanding SLA agreements with subcontractors