Low Energy EL580L

EL580L is a Scandinavian range handle controlled Low Energy lock used in wooden and metal doors. Handle controlled locks are best suited in medium traffic doors. The locks can be electrically controlled by access control system or by a remote control system such as timer, keypad or push button. The locks can be used both in exit doors and fire rated doors (EN).

EL580L has the same dimensions and electrical indications as EL580.
All the same fittings and accessories can be used for example when replacing EL580 with EL580L.



ABLOY® EL580L is recommended to be used in interior doors of business premises, public buildings, hospitals, educational premises. The handle controlled locks are not suitable for use with door automatics.
Low Energy lock can be used in both main wired and wireless applications. Operating voltage of the lock case is extremely wide 3,6VDC - 27,6VDC. This means lock can be used also with battery operated systems.



The locks are always automatically deadlocked when the door is closed. In ABLOY® EL580L the outside handle is electrically controlled. The lock can always be opened by inside handle. In order to function correctly, the handle requires a split spindle. Mechanical opening by cylinder is always possible.