Unlock the door to the mobile era

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The CLIQ™ Connect mobile solution can help you raise the security of your location and the efficiency of your operations to an unprecedented level.

When the system administrator changes an employee's access rights, the employee can update their smart key with the new rights through their smartphone. This makes updating quick, easy and efficient, which saves both time and money.

In order to maximise security, the key's unlocking rights can be verified every time the lock is opened. Unlocking rights are downloaded to the key through a smartphone, and they are valid only until the lock has been opened. This way, a lost key is no longer a security risk.

  • Can be linked to both new and existing PROTEC2 CLIQ™ systems.
  • Keys can be updated with new access rights whenever and wherever.
  • Utilising the employees' own smartphones maximises cost efficiency.
  • Security risks from lost keys can be eliminated with real-time unlocking rights.
  • A real-time access register can be utilised in resource management, for example.