The easy and efficient way to improve standards of hygiene – ABLOY ACTIVE


Through physical contact with door surfaces, microbes accumulate and are spread from one surface to another. Infections caused by microbes are harmful to health and expensive, with absenteeism caused by sickness costing individuals and businesses. However, door contact surfaces can be protected from microbes.

ABLOY ACTIVE is an infection-reducing antimicrobial solution for door accessories such as handles, pulls, panic bars and cylinders. Active destroys 99 percent of harmful bacteria, including the MRSA hospital bacteria, Listeria and Salmonella, and is 100 percent safe for the user. The highest level of microbial protection can be achieved by combining Abloy Active and door automatics, which provides a hands-free door opening solution.

The power of antimicrobial silver

ABLOY ACTIVE – Silver particles in the paint applied to the door fittings create the antimicrobial barrier. Silver is nature's own active bacteria-killing substance, and its antimicrobial properties have been known since the Middle Ages. Silver is proven and established as a safe and effective substance used in coating materials.

The active antimicrobial particles are added during the manufacture of the paint and it remains active as long as the paint lasts on the door fittings – both on the outer surface and the inner surface where scratches occur.

ACTIVE – the coating remains antimicrobial and hygienically protective, regardless of cleaning cycles.

Less infection - saves costs

ACTIVE is an easy and efficient way to improve hygiene standards in places used by high volumes of people, such as offices, schools and hospitals. The spread of diseases and infections transmitted through contact can be reduced. This provides the benefits of reducing absenteeism from work due to illness and improved productivity and significant savings in healthcare costs.

ACTIVE is hygienic because the antimicrobial properties of silver are embodied into the stylish and durable finish, ensuring effective hygienic protection and an elegant design. With a wide range of ABLOY COLOURS, it is possible to have attractive and germ-resistant doors in a busy environment. ABLOY COLOURS - standard colors are white, grey, black and graphite. Other colors are available by special order.

HygTech Alliance – We are making public spaces safer and more hygienic

The HygTech Alliance is a group of five Finnish companies aiming to develop products and solutions related to hygiene management. The companies in the alliance – Isku, Oras, Korpinen, Abloy and Teknos – are convinced that building technology solutions and fittings developed for hygiene management will enable a significant reduction in the rates of hospital infections and other diseases transmitted through contact.