Abloy Oy ha sido una precursora entre las compañías industriales en el desarrollo de la calidad y sistemas ambientales.


Every ABLOY product is tested for its durability in the conditions where it must operate, with cycles and weighs that exceed those required in the standards. Products are tested both in Abloy’s own testing facility and by official testing authorities.

To mention a few examples, in our tests the ABLOY detainer disc cylinder is subjected to half a million opening events, five times more than is required in the standard’s most-severe test procedures; ABLOY CERTA motor locks are tested with 500.000 cycles with 5 kg sideload – that’s more than twice the standard cycle requirement.

Physical attack

In addition to mechanised testing, durability and reliability are continuously tested manually by hammering, twisting and pulling.


In the corrosion test based on the EN 12320 standard, the test conditions are made more severe by using acetic acid spray instead of salt spray in the testing cabinet.

Certificado de Calidad

Abloy Oy posee un sistema de calidad certificado de acuerdo a la norma SFS-EN ISO 9001 desde los años 80 y un sistema de protección del medio ambiente certificado según la SFS-EN ISO 14001 desde los años 90. En el año 2009 también el sistema de salud ocupacional y de protección de Abloy fue certificado según la norma OHSAS 18001.