#AskValtteri – or what you’ve always wanted to know about Valtteri Bottas

Which dinosaur would Valtteri like to be? What inspires Valtteri? Or what goes through Valtteri’s mind when a race is about to begin?

We got the answers to these and many other questions when we provided Valtteri’s fans the chance to ask him anything in our social media channels. All questions and answers were featured in the #AskValtteri series which you can now read from this page

1. What kind of dinosaur would you be if you couldn’t choose T-Rex?

A: I’m not too familiar with dinosaurs. It would probably have to be one that’s really quick. Was there one called Velociraptor? At least the name sounds awesome!

2. What do you do when you want to relax? Do you go fishing, collect wheel covers or sew your own race suits? Name your secret passion!

A: I chop wood in my summer cottage and go swimming or ice swimming.

3. What inspires you?

A: Reaching my goals inspires me. At this point I have one goal that rises above the rest. Guess what!

4. What do you eat for breakfast and at what time do you wake up?

A: I eat porridge and other healthy and nutritious breakfast foods. I wake up around 9 AM, unless I need to go somewhere earlier than that.

5. What is your favourite food?

My favourite food is grilled meat and vegetables.

6. What is the coolest city in the world?

A: After Nastola it would be Monaco.

7. What’s the most important achievement in your career this far?

A: All my wins, but the most important ones are yet to come.

8. On average how much liquid do you consume during a race?

A: The maximum amount I can put in my drinking bottle is 0,4 liters, I will always drink that during are race.

9. When you sit in front of the wheel of your car and a race is about to start, what goes on in your mind? What do you think then, and do you always have the same routine?

A: I try to go through the start in my mind and focus only on what's relevant there and then.