The Estonian Academy of Arts

Art oasis in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia

The Estonian Academy of Arts has provided higher education for generations of art, architecture, and design students. Acting like a beacon through the changing decades, the Academy has played an indispensable role in building the identity of the Estonian nation through art and design.

The teaching facilities consist of five parts, all built at different times and for different purposes.

Operating since 1914, some parts of the facilities have witnessed a hundred years of textile production. At the old Rauaniidi factory the continuous rumble of sewing machines has been heard for decades. People used to work there producing millions of socks and stockings before it became a place for education.

Construction of the newest building began in the 2010s. Students had high demands for the new space because it had to be great for exploring creative ideas. That’s why the building was designed to be the world’s largest blank canvas. Ever since its opening in 2018, the walls have been covered by the students’ art pieces. The new building was designed by the Academy’s own alumni, and it has received multiple awards for its architecture and interior design.

ABLOY began working with the Academy when the construction of the newest building began. ABLOY has provided security solutions to the galleries, libraries, laboratories, and auditoriums on the academy premises to keep the people safe and their art secure.

Join the great ones.