Processing and keeping data untouchable from threats 24/7

There has been a high demand for safe data transmission for as long as the internet has been an everyday necessity. That is why there are millions of data centers around the world that process, transmit, and store data 24/7 – securely and efficiently. Organizations and companies work with data centers to make sure that their data is handled with integrity.

According to an estimate there will be over seven million data centers in the world by the end of 2021. Right now, there are more than six hundred hyperscale facilities¹, that have more than 5,000 servers on their premises.²

It is also projected that around 1,327 exabytes of data will be stored in data centers by the end of 2021 – one exabyte equalling one billion gigabytes. To put all of this into perspective, the increase of stored data is now eight times the amount that was stored in 2015.³

As online transactions increase, the demand for data center security increases as well. Data centers have tons of IT equipment from routers to storage systems, switches, and servers. Securing data racks, locks, doors, and exits, calls for security solutions that deliver protection against both cyber and physical security threats.

ABLOY is experienced in delivering security solutions for data centers around the world. The solutions meet the latest EN 50600 industry standards and improve operational efficiency in many ways. For example, the security solutions make sure that only validated persons have physical access to data, and they help minimise time spent on key and access management. They can also simplify processes – even when data centers require multiple security layers.

How much data is generated and transmitted each day? At least:⁴

  • 500 million sent tweets
  • 294 billion sent emails
  • 65 billion messages sent on WhatsApp
  • 5 billion search engine questions


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