Securing Macao’s massive experience economy

Las Vegas in the United States is perhaps the most known gaming destination in the world. However, since the 2000s the centre of the global casino industry has shifted towards China’s special administrative region Macao, which is now the world’s undisputedly biggest casino market¹ with its 41 casinos. Today, the gambling business in Macau is roughly six times bigger than in Las Vegas, in terms of revenue².

In Macao this industry provides employment to some 58,000 people (in year 2016), accounting for about 24% of the total workforce in the region.³ In 2019, approximately 18,6 million visitors overnighted in Macao.⁴

Vast amounts of currency are handled within casinos. This may naturally encourage some illegal activity from time to time, keeping both Macanese authorities and casino operators on their toes.

Due to the central presence of money, among other things, casinos invest heavily in both physical security and surveillance. ABLOY is extensively securing cash handling and slot machines so that visitors seeking excitement can enjoy these unique and thrilling experiences with confidence.

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