Durable security solutions for well-engineered infrastructure

Artificial waterways play a significant role in maritime transport. Around 80% of the volume of international trade in goods is carried by sea. All around the world, traffic from cargo ships to cruisers and staff boats flow through canals daily.

Canals also showcase incredible engineering and infrastructure. The humid environment calls for security solutions that are durable and high in quality. Canals have weirs, dams, and lock chambers to manoeuvre water. These watertight chambers allow routes to go up and down hills. When a ship arrives on a lock chamber and it wants to ascend higher, the chamber gets filled with water until the water level is parallel to the continuing route.

Securable infrastructure includes the route and dams, but also the many gates, buildings and access points surrounding them, like piers, fences, toll control, offices, and maintenance areas. Access control is needed, so that people have access to right areas, depending on whether they are staff, tourists, or cargo shipmen. In some locations security solutions need to follow the security standards of different countries as well.

Everything must work all year round seamlessly. ABLOY solutions supply canals hundreds of thousands of padlocks, locks, and keys to provide security and access control. All security products are high quality and can be integrated to the canal’s existing security system to make sure that everything flows.

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