Key PK100

PULSE Key has patented dual credential technology, it will work like normal mechanical key to cylinders and access tag with pulse compatible readers. With this technology the system is possible to build cost effectively. Key does not have mechanical coding and no batteries. Key has unique easy to use key leaf design, it enables best in class user experience.

Overview of advantages
• Key data can be updated using RFID as daily basis operation through updating reader or desktop reader.
• Key data is protected by SEOS®
• Maintenance free symmetrical key is designed to withstand water, frost and hard use.
• LED indication.
• Key transfers the lost keys data to cylinders from management system via updating reader or desktop reader.
• Key can be reused to another system.
• Key can be programmed to multiple systems.

Patented ABLOY PULSE is a unique lock system. The cylinder get energy by key insertion, without batteries or power supply. Administrating access control can be done anywhere at any time using the ABLOY ACCENTRA-software. All PULSE components use SEOS-technology.


ATEX approval No
CLIQ cylinder group No
Patent valid No
Type of product Key
Key length Standard
Key type Electromechanical