Programming device PPD101

The programming device combined with a smartphone enables an easy and flexible way to manage PULSE locks, keys and readers. The mobile application transmits the data to the ABLOY ACCENTRA software and the data transmission between the devices is protected by high-security SEOS technology. The programming device is powered by the phone and is designed to withstand heavy use.

• Connection type: USB C
• PULSE lock programming and maintenance procedures
• Firmware update for key and lock
• Diagnostics data retrieval from the lock
• Key and lock timestamp update
• Update lost key list into lock
• Read audit trail from cylinder
• Update access groups to lock.

Patented ABLOY PULSE is a unique lock system. Patented ABLOY PULSE is a unique lock system. The cylinder get energy by key insertion, without batteries or power supply. Administrating access control can be done anywhere at any time using the ABLOY ACCENTRA-software. All PULSE components use SEOS-technology.


Type of product Accessory