Padlock PLEW340

Extra-strong padlocks for applications where high security is required. Ideal for construction equipment, tractor trailers and remote storage areas, trucks, storage bins, roller shutter doors, motorcycles and warehouses. The case hardened steel body is highly resistant to all types of physical attack.
PLEW340 padlocks are equipped with a 10 mm diameter, hardened boron steel shackle.
ABLOY® SUPER WEATHER PROOF (SWP) padlocks were born - a locking solution in which the components are extremely well protected to ensure operation in all conditions. Security is guaranteed even with regular exposure to extreme heat or cold, storm-driven salt water or fine desert dust.
Patented ABLOY PULSE is a unique lock system. The cylinder get energy by key insertion, without batteries or power supply. Administrating access control can be done anywhere at any time using the ABLOY ACCENTRA-software. All PULSE components use SEOS-technology.


Power supply
Type of product Electromechanical key lock
Mechanical combination
Lock body material