Microswitch lock EP402B

The key can only be removed in the off position of the switch. The instantaneous coupling is achieved by means of a return spring and the key can not be left in the on position. The locks can be mounted on objects with a thickness of 0.5 to 22 mm. Lock system: ABLOY SENTRY.
Micro switch locks provide a key to activate the switch to alarm systems, control panels, and other high security locks. Keyhole chrome-plated brass, keyhole fixing nut galvanized steel. Clutch piece and mounting brackets made of plastic. Other parts of brass, stainless steel and tin bronze. This product has ABLOY SENTRY -lock system. ABLOY SENTRY is a factory level patented locking solution designed for professional settings such as locking machinery and fixtures.


Mechanical combination Yes
Type of product Microswitch lock