Lock case EL587

The EL587 is a Hi-O lock, which means it can communicate with other Hi-O locks and gather data. The Hi-O technology is inside the lock case instead of a centralized database, which makes it more secure. The locks can be used both in exit doors and fire rated doors. Handle controlled locks can be set to function as fail locked or as fail unlocked. In the fail locked setting, the lock can be opened by handle when power is on and cannot be opened by handle when power is off. In the fail unlocked setting, the electrical function is reversed. The locks are always automatically deadlocked when the door is closed. In EL587 the outside handle is electrically controlled. The lock can always be opened by the inside handle or by panic bar. In order to function correctly, the handle requires a split spindle. Mechanical opening by cylinder is always possible. Cannot be used in doors with door automatics.


Locking Points Single point
Mortise standard Scandinavian
Installation type Mortise