Lock case EL502

EL502 is a push&pull function solenoid lock for wooden and metal doors. Because of its unique symmetrical trigger bolt ABLOY® EL502 can be used in swinging doors. ABLOY® EL502 can be controlled by a variety of control devices such as card reader, keypad or timer. The lock can be connected to automatic swing door operator and is an excellent solution for use with access control system. Frame mounting above the door is also possible.. The locks cannot be used in fire rated doors.

ABLOY® EL502 is typically used in exterior doors of apartment buildings and interior doors of business premises.

Door can be opened by pushing or pulling when electric control is switched on. ABLOY® EL502 can be configured to operate also fail unlocked, then the door can be opened by pushing or pulling when the electric control is switched off. Lock can always be opened by key or by thumbturn and the lock deadlocks automatically when the door closes.