Coordinator FD464

Continuously adjustable holding force. Correct closing sequence guaranteed for double leaf doors, inactive leaf closes before active leaf starts to close. Standard mounting position on hinge side and non-hinge side. Non-hinge side mounting requires hook arm G120. Axis continuoulsy height adjustable up to 14 mm. Large range of applications. G464 inactive door leaf hold-open angle adjustable between 70°-130° on hinge side and 70°-120° on non-hinge side. Certified in compliance with EN1154, EN1155 and EN1158, size 3-6. Operates independently of door closers and offers best possible functions, safety and reliability. Suitable for fire and smoke protection double leaf doors, hinge distance 1350 - 2800 mm, non-hinge side installation hinge distance 1400 - 2800 mm.