The world’s most advanced electric locks

For over 40 years ABLOY electric locks have been trusted to protect some of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

Securing all assets with remarkable durability and energy saving performance, under any conditions. Easily

Easily integrated into access control systems and able to be combined with mechanical locking safety features

needed, in fire and exit doors. Electric locks can also be integrated with door automatics for more convenient use.

For trust in Electric Locks

ABLOY is the world’s leading developer of products in electromechanical locking technology. 

A diverse range of world leading electric locks

We have a diverse range of electric locks to cover every market, including:

  • Europrofile (DIN) range – covering European and many global standards
  • Scandinavian range – focused on the standards for Scandinavia
  • ANSI Range – American and Asian standards

Our lock types

  • Profile door lock
  • Wooden / Solid door lock
  • Multipoint lock


  • Handle control – opening by handle
  • Push / pull function – open by pushing or pulling

Handle control – opening by handle

In the fail-locked setting, the lock can be opened with the handle when the power is on and cannot be opened with the handle when the power is off. In the fail-unlocked setting, the electrical function is reversed. Locks are automatically deadlocked when the door is closed. Mechanical cylinder opening is always possible. Not suitable with door automatics.

The Push & Pull feature

Thanks to the Push & Pull feature, doors can be conveniently opened and closed – even without using the door handle. The Push & Pull feature can also be integrated with your door automatics for ultimate convenience and smooth people flow.

Setting the standard in high level security solutions

Retrofitting is made simple as ABLOY Electric Locks are convenientlydesigned to fit seamlessly and flush into the door frame of both old and newbuildings. >>

The benefit of high-level security and functional design.

ABLOY Electric Locks put a new standard of trust in every door, raising door security to the highest level of mechanical and electrical security. Suitable for high security environments and easily integrated into access control systems. The aesthetic design makes them tamper proof with proven durability. Energy consumption is also lower as the locks only use power when in use. The many operating functional options make the electric lock the most intelligent part of your door.

Improving people flow and ease of use

The convenience of push and pull opening with exceptional mechanical security and durability.

ABLOY Motor Locks - the benchmark for intelligence and performance

ABLOY Motor Locks set the standard, taking safety, security, convenience and design to the next level. The push and pull feature enables users to open doors without using the door handle and can also be integrated with door automatics. There is a smart Day, Night and Secure mode to open and lock the doors centrally and also the possibility to change the functionality for safety and security, intelligently. Everything is designed to improve people flow and make high traffic doors easier to use.

Solenoid locks for safety at all times.

Inside handle control safety for smooth entry and exit in any circumstances.

The power is in your hands

Solenoid locks are used in emergency exit doors, where the inside handle is always in function. The locks can also be electrically controlled by an access control system or remotely, with time control, keypad or a push button. Typical applications are offices, meeting rooms and other interior doors of public buildings.