A secure and sustainable future with ABLOY Electric Locks

For over 40 years ABLOY Electric locks have been trusted to protect some of the world´s most iconic landmarks. Our products are designed for high-end security and sustainability, with precision performance under all operational conditions. We believe every choice has an impact. So, sustainability features in every part of our process from sourcing, manufacturing to energy efficient operation, and modular design that simplifies upgrades by reusing components.

All-in-one Electric Lock

Safety, convenience and aesthetics

The benefit of high-level security and functional design

ABLOY Electric Locks put a new standard of trust in every door, raising door security to a premium level. They are suitable for high security environments and easily integrated into access control system. Our products are designed to prevent tampering with proven durability. Energy efficiency is also a functional benefit, because power is typically consumed only when the lock is in use. With many operational options ABLOY Electric Locks bring extra intelligence to your door security.

Setting the standard in high level security solutions

Our product range covers multiple solutions in various standards


A wide range of premium electric locks

We have a diverse range that covers a wide market areas and needs. All locks are tested and approved in accordance with country specific standards.

• Europrofile (DIN) range - covering European and many global standards

• Scandinavian range - focused on the standards for Scandinavia

• ANSI -range - covering American standard

Lock case types

Product range is available in two sets of models, single and multipoint locks. They both share the same functionality handle-controlled and push/pull function

• Profile door locks

• Wooden/Solid door locks

• Multipoint locks

Improving people flow and ease of use

The convenience of push and pull opening with exceptional mechanical security and durability.

Motor locks - the benchmark for intelligence and performance

ABLOY Motor locks set the standard taking safety, security, convenience and design to the next level. The push and pull feature enables users to open doors without using the door handle and can also be integrated with door automatics. Motor locks are suitable for high security environments. Easily integrated into access control systems. Everything is designed to improve people flow and make high traffic doors easier to use.

Solenoid locks - The Power in Your Hands

ABLOY Solenoid locks are suitable for emergency exit doors with handle controlled locks, where the inside handle is always in function. Inside handle controls safety for smooth entry and exit in any circumstances. Suitable to use in interior doors with medium traffic.


Retrofitting is made simple as ABLOY Electric Locks are convenientlydesigned to fit seamlessly and flush into the door frame of both old and newbuildings. >>

The ABLOY future is built with sustainability

Every choice has an impact. ABLOY Electric Locks have sustainability and low energy consumption built into every process and product. This includes sourcing ethical minerals and non-hazardous chemical. Our locks are durable but made from recyclable materials to minimise environmental impact and cost. Their modular design also ensures that many components are usable during product upgrades. Production and quality management processes are certified according to all the global standards ISO9001 Quality management, ISO14001 Environmental management and ISO45001 Occupational health and safety. Since 2015 Abloy has followed the waste management guidelines and uses carbon neutral energy. The energy management system is ISO15001 certified. In 2015 our Joensuu factory reduced its landfill waste to zero. It also recycles water to drinking quality. Every choice has an impact on a future built with sustainability.