Wishing You the Warmest Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

Everyone deserves a chance to celebrate the upcoming holiday season in the safety and warmth of their own home. However, for almost 5,000 people in Finland, this is not possible. Therefore, we have donated this year’s Christmas donation to the Street is Not Home campaign of Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Street is Not Home campaign of the Blue Ribbon Foundation

For over 60 years the Blue Ribbon Foundation has been a key to a better and brighter future for the Finnish youth. The foundation has helped young people to gain protection and opportunities, to instill faith in the future, to let go of drugs, and to cope with mental health challenges.

To have your own home is a cornerstone of life. It is the key to hope and happiness. Unfortunately, there are many young people in Finland, who don’t have their own home where to return. The young people at risk are now more vulnerable than ever before and desperately need your help. Give a key to own home, hope and safety as a gift for those in need at https://www.charidy.com/abloy/abloy. Your donation will be directed directly at homeless young people to cope with everyday life.