Abloy and ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions unveil two cloud-based security and access management solutions

The new ABLOY® OS INCEDO is especially tailored for applications-driven professional end-users whereas CIPE Manager caters for needs in critical infrastructure.

JOENSUU, Finland, March 16, 2021Abloy Oy and ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions today announced their two newest solutions for physical access management: ABLOY OS INCEDO and CIPE Manager. The two solutions address two different customer environments: applications-driven professional end-users on the one hand and critical infrastructure on the other. Two separate software versions ensures the development of solutions for distinct customer needs and requirements.

ABLOY OS INCEDO offers digital and mechanical access management for professional operations

The new ABLOY OS INCEDO is specially designed for managing access in applications-driven professional end-user operations, such as banking, ICT, health care, vending machines, museums, defence, government, postal services, casinos and manufacturing of critical assets.

“Digital transformation is being embraced in several sectors of society. People are working remotely, banking online and preferring digital payments, for example. Business performance improves, when these individuals, assets and data are safe,” said Teemu Saarikko, Business Development Manager, Abloy Oy.

As part of the ABLOY Security & Access Solutions portfolio, ABLOY® OS INCEDO, provides a solution for complete access management connectivity, security and convenience regardless of location. It adds operational efficiency by connecting all mechanical, electromechanical and digital ABLOY solutions into one cloud-based application. This includes, for example, PROTEC2 CLIQTM, digital access solutions and a wide range of mechanical key management features.

“We want to make sure our customers can concentrate on their core business and have streamlined and transparent operations when it comes to site security and access management. ABLOY OS INCEDO will provide focused building blocks to create the culture of digital access management and efficient operations,” said Jussi Ahvalo, Vice President, International Sales, Abloy Oy.

CIPE Manager allows for a comprehensive situational overview of critical infrastructure

CIPE Manager is ideal for protecting high-level critical infrastructure in industries such as energy, water, telecom, transportation, oil and gas as well as mining. It is a user-friendly, cloud-based manager for managing physical and digital keys, locks and access rights on-the-go.

CIPE Manager is designed for managing the keyless ABLOY® BEAT, our high-end Bluetooth padlock, the electromechanical PROTEC2 CLIQ access management solution, as well as the high-security mechanical ABLOY systems. These locking solutions, together with CIPE Manager, form the Digital Portfolio for Critical Infrastructure Protection by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions. Designed to provide digital convenience, control and security that simplifies managing business operations, CIPE Manager adds efficiency and complete situational awareness.

“We believe in a fully ‘connected’ future, where protection, security and control transform from mechanical solutions into more digital and integrated ones. Our Digital Portfolio for Critical Infrastructure is the first step into a connected future capable of managing our customers’ entire security and access ecosystem. Our vision is to evolve this portfolio into a more seamless and more unified platform, an ecosystem with third-party integration capabilities,” said Mervi Hiltunen, Business Development and Solutions Director, ABLOY Critical Infrastructure.

ABLOY OS INCEDO and CIPE Manager are delivered in a SaaS (Software as a service) model. Both solutions are now available in selected markets from regional ABLOY and ABLOY Critical Infrastructure sales units respectively.

Additional information:

Commercial enquiries: https://www.abloy.com/en/contact-us1/

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Jussi Ahvalo, Abloy Oy, Vice President, International Sales, jussi.ahvalo@abloy.com, tel. +358 40 849 4269

Mervi Hiltunen, Business Development and Solutions Director, ABLOY Critical Infrastructure, mervi.hiltunen@abloy.com, tel. +358 40 520 3326

Visit the solution-specific ABLOY OS INCEDO and CIPE Manager webpages and announcements for more details.

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