New PROTEC2 CLIQ services increase customer's operational efficiency

Abloy is launching software services for the PROTEC2 CLIQ Locking and Access Management solution. New services will take care of the customer's software concerns and free both time and staff resources that can be concentrated on improving operational efficiency.

New SaaS (Software as a Service) services are now available for both existing and new CLIQ customers.

The new services offer more choice at their service levels, which the customer can scale to meet their requirements. The choice of service level is influenced by such factors as the size of the customer's locking system and the availability of support services.

Service levels based on needs

PROTEC2 CLIQ SaaS-services have two levels: the secure and flexible Standard SaaS and Dedicated Saas, a customer-specific customizable service in its own dedicated server environment.

In addition, the range includes a Platinum support package which can be combined with Standard SaaS and Dedicated SaaS services as an additional service.

Standard SaaS provides basic services to support software

The Standard SaaS service includes a support service on weekdays from 816, regular version updates and backups, as well as maintenance of the system platform  in other words, things that the customer would carry out entirely in their own maintenance.

"Standard SaaS is an excellent solution for a company that does not want to make extra investments in personnel IT skills, data centres, data security, updates or maintenance  we at Abloy take care of them for the customer", says Kari Sallinen, Product Group Manager at Abloy.

Dedicated SaaS for customer-specific tailoring

Dedicated SaaS includes a customer-specific server environment, 99,5% service level (SLA), monthly performance report, regular version updates according to a schedule agreed with the client, regular backups, regular data recovery testing, and system platform maintenance.

"Dedicated SaaS ensures smooth operation and software updates also in large locking systems. We recommend this to large customer companies that require a particularly high security and enterprise-specific service", says Kari Sallinen.

Faster service around the clock with Platinum

In addition to 24/7 availability, Platinum support provides an accelerated processing and response
times and monthly support service report.

"Platinum is perfect for an organization that values high-level security and wants faster response times for support requests, regardless of the time of the day. With the service we ensure with the customer that the software runs smoothly all the time", Sallinen continues.

PROTEC2 CLIQ software services are always safe, up-to-date and, above all, an investment in the future. They ensure trouble-free software management allowing the customer to focus on the essentials, such as the operational efficiency of their organization. In addition, the service is always tailored to the needs of the customer and invoicing is based on the quantity of locking components.

More information on PROTEC2 CLIQ services and deployment is available from your own Abloy contact person.