Strengthening security and safety in Electric Power Industry of India

Electricity has been recognised as basic human need and is essential for all facets of life. Socio-economic development of the country depends on this critical infrastructure. Electricity distribution happens to be the most vital portion of the electricity business chain. The real challenge in the power sector lies in efficient management of the distribution operations.

Security - a matter of concern for the Electric Power Industry in India

India ranks as third largest producer and third largest consumer of electricity in the world. Despite of the current production and distribution abilities, India still lacks adequate distribution infrastructure. Over the years Indian Government launched various programs for providing necessary infrastructure to meet an uninterrupted electricity supplies to industries, commercial establishments and household. Power theft has been a major concern for electricity transmission and distribution.

Theft is one of the biggest operational issue in India’s electric power industry. The financial loss due to theft of electricity is estimated at around $16 billion yearly.There are various types of electricity power theft and they relate to each part of the electrical equipment, further usage of service connection other than for the authorized purpose also falls under the category of theft. India loses more money to theft than any other country in the world. Nationally, total transmission and distribution losses approach 23% and some states' losses exceed 50%. India’s power companies lose revenue on about a fifth of the electricity they supply, or about annually, due to various issues including theft and it affects quality of supply and increase load on the generating station. Such losses are a threat to the financial health of utility companies and State Electricity Boards.

It has been very difficult for the utility companies to detect and fight against the theft. Utility companies have adapted various technologies to attain security in the distribution chain, however it alarms for advanced, remotely controlled, security and access system to improve efficiency, and encourage cost savings.

ABLOY - your partner in securing power generation and distribution

Electric Power Industry should aim at improving security measures, as transformation in security system today will promise a better tomorrow for the Industry. A robust locking solution with tightly controlled personnel access and safety can deal with the concern of security in the Electric Power Industry in India.

Abloy adds trust to all aspects of electric power operations-power generation, transmission and distribution. From building’s doors to area’s access points, Abloy‘s comprehensive product range ensures safety around high voltage equipment. To avoid harm caused by the wrong personnel entering unpermitted areas, while ensuring free movement within authorised areas ABLOY locking solution connect all locks and keys for maximum safety and awareness of your situation. Access rights can be managed remotely, and keys programmed for specific scheduling times.  For smooth and secure operations like maintenance, the high security ABLOY® Electric Multipoint Cabinet Lock is used for remote-controlled opening of heavy-duty electricity cabinets.

ABLOY® locking solution redefines security and high - end access control for electric power industry. Whether it’s about improved operational efficiency, simplified key control, restricted access rights or tracking every movement with centrally controlled digital security management, ABLOY® is a proven supplier of security and safety solutions for all assets in the critical infrastructure environment and handles every aspect of security upgrade projects with care and expertise.

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