Career Stories

Every career is unique. Many times, the career path takes you forward through several curves – this might also happen at Abloy as our international working environment offers diverse opportunities. Below you can explore the journey of different Abloy co-workers and take a peek at their daily work.

Teija Pietarinen
Production Engineer, Team Lead

Working with the world's leading products and having many diverse career development possibilities motivates me daily. With the challenging and varied work environment, plus the opportunity to make an impact on your own work content, being the best part of it.  

Arho Huttunen
Team Lead, R&D software development

Learning directly from the variety of visionary experts and their vast knowledge in Research and Development, is so interesting. I enjoy the team work focus of working at Abloy with long term goals, focus and prioritising everything that is possible and relevant.

Zaur Nasibov
Software Engineer, R&D software development

It's great knowing that you can trust everybody to do the best job possible, working at Abloy. It's an open start-up style of culture within a factory environment. I enjoy time to study the latest tech book at my desk and then discuss it at coffee breaks later.

Tiina Sorsa
Strategic Buyer, Procurement

It's a pleasure to work in a team environment with an encouraging spirit and togetherness. Another plus is that I also have a varied working day with responsible tasks and the chance to work with different people and vendors.

Arttu Jussila 
Key Account Manager, Domestic sales

Since Abloy is well known as company and for world-leading products  it is easy to contact clients. I also get to work with like-minded colleagues in a close community structure that is flexible and gives me the freedom, to work the way that suits me best, and shares responsibility. 

Nisse Rimpilä
Service Operations Manager, Service Center

I feel honoured to be part of Abloy - a very talented team of people who take the opportunity to make a big impact on peoples' lives. I enjoy the versatility and variety and find it rewarding how my own work has a positive effect on my team and development projects. 

Helena Toivanen
Event Coordinator, Service Center

For me, nice colleagues, a supportive manager, good tools and working conditions, versatile staff benefits and a possibility for remote work (flexibility) are important things. My job is versatile both in the customer and partner field. It's also independent, but with a lot of internal partners, which is a good thing. Planning a new event is like being born again when a new project starts. The best thank you is a succesful event where all guests enjoy themselves.

Pasi Kervinen
R&D Manager, R&D, New Product Development

Interesting products, the ASSA ABLOY collaboration and nice and motivating colleagues drive me forward in this job. Problem solving is my thing. Product development projects motivate me and make all days interesting and challenging.

Mika Savolainen
Innovation Director, EMEA Door Closer Product Unit

The best thing about working at Abloy is the working community both domestically and internationally. The best part of my own job is versatility: I challenge myself to be better every day.

Juko Ryynänen
Quality Engineer, Production, Quality Development

A good and supportive working atmosphere is very important to me. My job is versatile and hands-on, and I work with many different stakeholders. In my job, concrete results are easy to see with our own eyes. There's also enough challenge, and I'm able to develop my skills in many different areas.

Santtu Puhakka
LEAN Specialist, Production, Production Development

I really appreciate the positive atmosphere and knowledgeable people with whom I work every day. Abloy offers great possibilities for career advancement both in Finland and internationally. The best thing about my job is the variety of tasks. I can support my colleagues in everyday problem solving and see how small changes can result in great improvements in a short amount of time. On the other hand, I can work in different project groups and participate in creating new operating models that improve the operation of the entire factory.

Heini Sjöstedt
Inventory Controller, Production, Material Management

The atmosphere at Abloy is relaxed but responsible. It's an international company that takes care of its employees and offers great staff benefits. The best part of my job is being able to work with multiple teams - all problems are solved together. My job is also independent, which I like, and I can take responsibility of my own work.

Tuuli Järvi
Customer Service Assistant, Service Center

The atmosphere at Abloy is relaxed but responsible. It's an international company that takes care of its employees and offers great staff benefits. I like being able to work directly with customers, and the fact that every day is different. It's nice to be able to help customers and find answers to their questions. My job requires being able to learn new things quickly, and I love being able to develop my professional skills all the time.

Ann-Christine Kivelä
Customer Service Assistant, Service Center

My job is really versatile. I can develop myself by studying, for example. Nice colleagues are also a big plus!

Nina Hynninen
HR Graduate, HR

In my the best parts are the extensive field of HR work covering all the phases of the lifecycle of cotract of employment. I get to work with everyone at Abloy which gives me a vast network. We also collaborate with learning institutions and service providers which means that the job is very people oriented and that is one of the best aspects of the job. My team is very supportive and therefore I feel that working in the HR Team is the fullfillment of my career dreams.

Ville Heiskanen
Product Group Manager, Product Management

I enjoy working in the international environment at Abloy. We have a great teams spirit and everyone is committed to developing the customer experience and the quality of the products. In my position I get to take part in interesting and versatile projects. I also enjoy being in the frontline of the market change towards smart locking solutions. 

Johanna Varis
Marketing Manager, Marketing

Abloy has a wonderful story and the brand is well-known both domestically and internationally. Everyone at Abloy wants to participate in building the story of future. It's amazing being able to influence how ABLOY sounds, looks and feels like. Every day is different, and made interesting by diverse tasks, a great team of colleagues and skilled partners.