Fresh ideas to take back home


Czech Jana Smolova, 25, arrived in Finland on 13th of March to work for Abloy as a part of ASSA ABLOY's graduate program.

Jana has been working for ASSA ABLOY Czech and Slovakia since August 2016 in the strategic sourcing department. During the first two months of working she also finished her international business studies in Prague's University of Economics.

"The graduate program and the possibility to work abroad were the main reasons I applied for the internship. The program is an important experience for me because I can get to know another culture, different kinds of people and have experiences with companies with different ways of working."

Jana was told that the factory in Joensuu is very similar to the ASSA ABLOY factory in Czech Republic. 

"The production, the size, the machines and even the products are similar. I work here at the purchasing department and we deal approximately with the same problems so it's very useful for me to see how things are done here. I really like the organization, the work flow and how everyone knows their responsibility and what to do next. Working here has given me so many fresh ideas."

During her time in Joensuu Jana has been dealing with the new ERP System and looks forward to develop her knowledge and skills with it.

"We don't have the system in Czéch Republic yet but we’re going to implement it in two years. I’m really interested in having it there and help preventing the problems Abloy had while executing it here. I hope I will be able to cooperate also with other ASSA ABLOY companies who have implemented this system."

Besides working Jana has enjoyed the Finnish nature and made new friends. She really appreciates that her colleagues have been willing to take her to see Koli and go ice fishing for the first time in her life.

"When I arrived in Finland I spent the first two weeks with the Finnish graduate Elina who is currently in Italy. It was really great to have her because she showed me the city and helped me a lot while getting started. I'm still in contact with her and we're helping each other so now I can compare how the work is done in Czech Republic, in Finland and in Italy."