Target Group #1 benefits
Target Group #2 benefits

Abloy - providing safety since 1907

In 1907 XXX invented a new type of lock: Talking about the history of Abloy. Making sure people recognize the brand and feel safety and value. About three to four sentences should be sufficient for this part.

Access Control

Explore the benefits of our available Access Control Solutions. Save money and maintain a clear overview who is using your facilities. This should be about 3 sentences long.

Product Catalogue

Find datasheets and specifications of Abloy products in our Product Catalogue. From electronic locks to Door Closers you can find details surrounding our product portfolio. 

Abloy Key Systems

With our rich history, we constantly improved our Key Systems. With every new genereation of keys, we have been able to improve our safety standards and reduce theft.

Abloy for Critical Infrastructure

Abloy tackles challenges of Critical Infrastructure. Not only does it provide safety of key points in such buildings, but it also helps to secure remote locations access when needed