Casestudy Vakin - Ensuring clean water supply in Sweden

In Umeå and Vindel region the whole water treatment process is provided by the Swedish company Vakin. The water supplier is comitted to the well being of the surrounding environment and citizens.

Why security matters

127.400 inhabitants to take care of

If the water treatment process is impacted, the consequences can be very serious. At worst, contaminated water causes vast environmental damage or makes the inhabitants of the entire region ill.


The challenge

171 sites in harsh conditions

Vakin has to secure a total of 129 water pumping stations, 24 wastewater treatment plants and 18 water utilities. They are located far apart from each in remote places which can reach tempartures of -35 degrees. 


125 workers and 50 Subcontractors

Vakin needs to monitor appropriate access of a large number of own employees and external stakeholders. While security was the main concern, Vakin was also looking to find a solution to maximize it's employees productivity.

The solution and the results

Wireless Access Control

By implementing the PROTEC2 CLIQ™ locking system, Vakin could get rid of several different locking systems in use and unify one system for all it's facilities. Employees and Subcontracters now use one key each instead of 4-5 keys as they did previously


In charge of full control

Vakin could program each key for specific access to specific facilities, depending on each individuals permission rights. Missplaced keys can be disabled and easily replaced. 

The web-based CLIQ™ Web Manager is a great tool for us to organise our key management in our distant water utilities