In-home delivery made possible by smart door locks

To win the last mile in parcel services you need a customer-centred alternative to third-party delivery stations. Innovative companies are seeking to capitalise on a boom in online shopping with secure, convenient in-home delivery. Powered, of course, by a smart door lock.

With a smart door lock integrated securely with service systems, parcel delivery, express and courier companies can expect more satisfied customers and much-reduced redelivery costs.

Door and lock standards often differ greatly from country to country, and picking the right smart door lock can make the difference between success and failure for any service. Our large range offers varied, advanced functionality across multiple smart lock models and all international markets, so we can find a solution that does exactly what you need.

Case studies below explain just some of the many smart solutions we have already implemented.

Could you make your customers happier by offering in-home deliveries?

In-home delivery case study
PostNord, Sweden

Nobody chooses to wait in all day for a delivery, or to travel to a collection point to pick up a parcel. “We shop more and more online and want a smooth, simple experience. That’s why we introduced Inhome Delivery,” says Carin Blom, Retail Analyst at PostNord. PostNord customers can have parcels delivered inside their front door, if it is equipped with a smart door lock from our brand, Yale. A pilot project is already under way in Lerum, near Gothenburg, in conjunction with some of Scandinavia’s major e-retailers.