In-home care and smarter independent living

More and more people with disabilities choose to live in their own homes. This creates new challenges for domestic design: the “standard” set-up for a residence includes several barriers to independent living. The biggest barrier of all? The front door.

With a smart door lock, there’s no longer the need to carry cumbersome mechanical keys. A door can be configured to lock automatically behind you, or even to open without any force.

Door and lock standards often differ greatly from country to country, and picking the right smart door lock can make the difference between success and failure for any service. Our large range offers varied, advanced functionality across multiple smart lock models and all international markets, so we can find a solution that does exactly what you need.

Case studies below explain just some of the many smart solutions we have already implemented.

Could the right smart door lock help carers, cleaners and family members deliver in-home care services more easily?

Living with disabilities case study
ONCE Foundation, Spain

ENTR® makes entering the “accessible home of the future” easy and comfortable. All its elements are wireless and work with Bluetooth and EnOcean®, a low-consumption technology that enables devices to operate without batteries. Integrated with the secure Elea-Open smart home solution, our ENTR® lock enables a resident to open their door without exerting any force, using a remote controller or app. With our Elea-Open integration, it’s easy to open or close the door remotely from a smartphone or tablet, so homecare services can be delivered seamlessly; to check door status from anywhere; and to configure an incident alert.