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Smart home technologies are already changing how we travel

Worry less about your home and enjoy more convenient vacation rentals

Remember when a timer plug attached to a table lamp was the latest thing in holiday security? Apologies if you’re too young... But I still find something magical about smart devices which show me what’s happening in my front room, wherever I am in the world.

Yes, Wi-Fi powered home view cameras give reassurance that home is still intact — and let me spy on the cats while I sit by the pool. For smart-tech super-users, IFTTT recipes can automatically notify your smartphone, or even switch on all your smart lights, if motion is detected inside your house.

There are even multiple apps to help you repurpose an old smartphone as an indoor security camera. If security is (in part) a state of mind, your home needs a smart camera.

Boom time for business

Of course, security is not only a state of mind, and smart locks are impacting one sector in particular. They are tailor-made for holiday rentals.

You have probably read about the boom in holiday rentals companies — Airbnb most famously. At ASSA ABLOY, we commissioned our own report about the holiday rentals sector, and the data is impressive.


From a base of €23.28bn in 2016, our research partners SAC Insight suggested this market will be worth €32.5bn by 2023. Compound annual growth is forecasted at 5.8% — a rate rarely sustained in any travel industry sector.

Where do the smart locks come in? From an owner’s perspective, smart door locks are a major upgrade on mechanical security. With keys, there’s an ever-present risk of loss, unauthorised copying, or even lending to unregistered guests. The only way to know your guests have locked up properly is to visit the property in person. And high-end properties make an attractive target for burglary.

In addition, Airbnb’s Business Travel Ready status can only be attained if travellers are always able to check-in 24/7 and without a person-to-person key handover. A smart door lock is the secure and user-friendly way to offer this. Business travel will continue to be a major growth area for Airbnb — one reason why, in Spain, Hoomvip has built an innovative integrated rental management service around the ENTR® door lock.

Travellers prefer smart rentals

Smart security technology instils confidence a short-term rental landlord takes your safety seriously. Key handling can also be a big worry for travellers. With a smart door lock, they never get locked out. A PIN code or app opens the door, so there’s no carrying keys or worrying about losing them. It’s easy for everyone in a group to come and go, because each guest can have their own digital key.

In Italy, Home at Hotel have seen the benefit of smart door locks. Their boutique holiday rentals are secured with an ENTR® smart door lock integrated with the SCLAK access app. With ENTR®, Home at Hotel is entrusting its clients to a security brand with decades of history securing homes and offices all over Europe. Evidence from traveller reviews so far suggests their guests love it.