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5 ways a smart door lock helps you manage a busy life

Ditch cumbersome keys, access innovative new services and live smarter

There’s a growing awareness we can outsource some of life’s boring tasks to a smart device. Do it wisely and busy lives get a little less hectic — leaving more time to do the things we actually enjoy.

When you read “smart device”, what springs to mind? Your lights, thermostat or a smart speaker? Maybe the kettle? A front door lock is perhaps the most important —and easily overlooked — device in your home. If you make it smarter, it can help, too.


1# One less item to collect when you leave

Remember when we used to have portable point-and-shoot cameras as well as phones? Your smarter, digital key is weightless. It lives on the device you’re carrying anyway — whether Android or Apple/iOS flavoured. A smart door lock is also another step towards minimalism.

2# Check in on your children

A smart lock is built for busy parents. A companion app will tell you who has come and gone, and when. You’ll know in an instant if your child has returned home. You can even let them in remotely if they have lost their key or forgotten the entry PIN.

3# Let your cleaner in from anywhere

It’s never wise to hand out easily copied keys to someone you don’t know. Yet this will almost certainly have to happen if you use an agency, rather than the same, regular cleaner. On the other hand, you probably also don’t have hours free to hang around at home waiting. With a smart door lock like the ENTR®, you can send the cleaner a single-use PIN to get in. 




4# Banish worries

You don’t need another thing on your mind. Like: “Did I remember to lock up?” Many smart door locks, including the ENTR®, lock automatically behind you.


5# No more need to wait home for a delivery

Or to visit a pickup location. In Sweden, some PostNord customers can have e-commerce parcels delivered inside their front door, if it’s equipped with a Yale smart door lock. August Access offers a similar service, including in partnership with same-day specialists Deliv. Also being trialled in the USA, Amazon Key offers Prime deliveries while you are out.


And the best news? When it comes to smarter, connected, integrated services like these, this is only the beginning.