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The 6 key features of a perfect smart door lock

How to pick a smart lock that does everything it should

When polled in late 2017, almost three-quarters of customers at UK electronics chain Maplin said they were considering a first or additional smart home gadget purchase in 2018. A smart door lock, inevitably, is high on many shoppers’ wish-list. But what features should be deal breakers?

1. Connectivity

the ability for your devices to talk to each other — “interoperability” — is the nervous system of any smart home. Choose devices compatible with standard protocols like Wi-Fi and Z-Wave (or even better, both). You need connectivity to enable functions like remote locking and unlocking.

2. Compatibility

a smart home starts with a smart front door... but it shouldn’t end there. Device integration with popular hubs such as Samsung SmartThings, and systems like Yale Smart Living or Fibaro, enables you to create your smart home piece-by-piece.

3. Security credentials

you don’t judge a book by its cover, and you definitely should not judge a lock by its shiny new case. Under the hood is where a lock manufacturer earns your trust. Design is not irrelevant, however. For example, you may not want to advertise your new device to the world, so the exterior side of your smart lock should look just like everyone else’s.

4. Easy to install, convenient to use

wire-free installation is faster, cheaper and less likely to damage existing walls and doors. And your lock should open via PIN, phone, fob, fingerprint, or all of them. In short, look for entry options your grandma can use — plus a way for you to let her in without leaving your office.

5. Powered up

check the lock’s battery life under realistic conditions, and look for a lock that warns you well before its battery dies.

6. Auto-locking

did you remember to lock the door this evening, or when you left to go on holiday? A smart door which locks automatically banishes those worries forever.

When it’s time to buy your new smart door lock, we hope you’ll choose the ENTR® from BRAND. But whatever you pick, make sure it ticks all the boxes.