ABLOY® Padlocks

The ABLOY Padlock range is used extensively by defence forces, heavy industrial operators, and high security government departments worldwide.

ABLOY padlocks are manufactured in Finland from the finest materials including case hardened boron-steel shackles. Their exceptional physical strength provides extremely effective protection against forcing, picking and vandalism, and the locks have passed demanding corrosion-resistance tests.

Padlocks are available in several security ratings and comply with different standards. All grades of ABLOY padlocks employ similar technical solutions to provide superior performance in a wide range of security applications.

The same key operates all locks

The unique ABLOY rotating detainer disc cylinder mechanism offers extensive masterkeying possibilities. All ABLOY cylinder products from door locks, camlocks and furniture locks to padlocks can be made to operate with just one key.

Ultimate weather resistance

The SUPER WEATHER PROOF (SWP) range is designed for use where padlocks must resist extreme cold and excessive amounts of dirt, locations in which traditional solutions fall short. The weather seal cap and other innovative protective measures mean that they exceed IP68 requirements for no ingress of dust and continuous immersion in water.