Abloy Sentry

First high security key system specifically designed to meet the needs of Professional End-Users and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Industrial and municipal facilities are subjects to vandalism, thefts and even terrorism. Securing their activity is also socially important. ABLOY SENTRY is ideal for locking systems which only consist of cam locks, cabinet locks, or padlocks. It offers a long-term, competitively-priced solution for different mechanical locking applications in the electricity, water, gas and telecom industries, vending and gaming machines, parking meters, post office boxes, display cabinets and much more.

Wide product range

ABLOY SENTRY offers wide range of products for different mechanical Industrial applications. If the standard product doesn’t fit in into your application, it can be customised to fit your requirements.

Smooth, reliable operation

Long lasting working life for ABLOY SENTRY is based on patented AWS (Anti Wear System), that prolongs the life cycle - ensuring a long and trouble free service life even in extensive use applications.

Exceptional master keying capabilities

ABLOY SENTRY locks can be keyed into the same masterkey system using one key profile. That means one key can open up all padlocks, camlocks and cabinet locks within the applica tion.

Possibility to upgrade existing systems

ABLOY SENTRY can be retrofitted to replace old cylinder systems. It is a cost effective way to upgrade existing locking systems to a patented cylinder system.

Optimised key security

To guarantee maximum customer security, the ABLOY SENTRY system offers several key profiles and various levels of key control to satisfy individual security requirements. The ABLOY SENTRY cylinder, keys and key blanks are protected by patents world-wide until 2027.