Abloy Protec2

ABLOY PROTEC2 is the latest milestone in the development of the unique ABLOY rotating disc cylinder keying systems.

The patented ABLOY PROTEC2 disc controller structure requires a moving element in the key to mate with the cylinder internally in order to function, thus raising the difficulty of any attempt to copy an unauthorised key, reaching a new higher level of security. Patented features in keys and cylinders assure that the installations will be protected for many years to come. ABLOY® Protec2 worldwide patents are valid until 2031.

One core, wide product range

Extensive ABLOY PROTEC2 product range secures numerous applications from door environments to industrial applications and equipment. While the core of the cylinder remains the same, the outer covering can be changed to meet the requirements of the specific application.

1,97 billion different key combinations

The vast number of different key combinations provides the possibility to create extensive Master Key systems that fulfil your exact specifications. This simplifies your locking system and key management.

Integration with electromechanical CLIQ technology

Ultimate high security features can be further enhanced by combining the mechanical ABLOY PROTEC2 master key system with electromechanical CLIQ technology. This highly customizable system enables flexible and secure access management, including time functions, into your daily operations.