Master key solutions

ABLOY cylinder mechanisms are particularly suited to master key suites, providing keyholding simplicity to often complex requirements.

The purpose of a master key system is to provide convenience, as ideally each key holder will carry only one key whilst maintaining fully the security of the locks. If there are hundreds or even thousands of locks to be considered this can be a daunting task. Whatever your needs, the number of combinations available with ABLOY disc mechanisms will guarantee that a secure yet easy to use system can be provided.

A unique feature of an ABLOY Masterkeyed suite, is that it allows you to include all different lock types for different applications within the same suite. These can include door locks, padlocks, drawer locks, electric locks, etc...

Keyed alike

Two or more locks can be operated with the same key.

Central locking

Two or more different keys operate a common lock as well as individual locks.


All locks are operated by individual keys and by a master key.

Grand master keying

Locks operated by multiple levels of keys and master keys.