Abloy Cylinder & Key Systems

The unique ABLOY cylinder mechanism is known widely by security professionals all over the world.

All ABLOY locks are based on the unique operating principle of rotating detainer discs. With no springs or pins to wear out, the mechanism provides smooth and reliable functionality, excellent resistance against physical attack and maximum resistance to hostile and severe environments.

The extensive product range includes padlocks, cam locks, cabinet locks, switch locks, rim locks, drop bolts, and key deposit locks. With ABLOY product range, the core always remains the same. The outer covering can be changed according to need to meet local standards and applications – so far in more than 80 countries.

Different cylinder types are available to meet the needs and requirements of different market areas and customer segments. The different cylinder types provide several key profiles and security levels.


Master key solutions

ABLOY cylinder mechanisms are particularly suited to master key suites, providing keyholding simplicity to often complex requirements.


Time saving and cost effective solution for demanding applications in the field of high security.

Abloy Protec2

ABLOY PROTEC2 is the latest milestone in the development of the unique ABLOY rotating disc cylinder keying systems.

Abloy Sentry

First high security key system specifically designed to meet the needs of Professional End-Users and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Abloy Novel

ABLOY NOVEL is a high security cylinder system designed especially for use in distribution channels.