Door closers & fire door closing systems

In a well-functioning facility, the doors adapt to user needs, not vice versa.

Frequent passage imposes clear demands if smooth traffic is to be ensured, and access control and fire safety set still more demands. ABLOY door closers and fire door closing systems take all of these into consideration. Our extensive selection of models mounted either on the surface or in a concealed manner, along with versatile adjustment options, offers a reliable alternative for the widest range of uses and door environments.


CAM Motion technology reduces the door-opening force required, and the handling of the door is measurably easier than with conventional slide-arm door closers. With a symmetric cam, the same version fits all installation alternatives. With grooved spindle the arm installation and adjustment is significantly easier.


When a door closer is installed inside a door leaf or frame, only the pulling arm is visible when the door is open. In addition to being inconspicuous, the concealed installation considerably decreases the possibility of vandalism.


Doors that close automatically after a person has entered keep the heat inside in Nordic winter conditions and decrease the need for air conditioning in more tropical areas. In addition to saving energy, the ABLOY door closers adhere to the principles of sustainable development in both their service life and their recyclability.


CE-approved ABLOY® door closers and fire door closing systems meet requirements for fire and smoke protection doors. CE approval is based to the EN standards for building hardware.

EN 1154 controlled door closer devices
EN 1155 electrically powered hold open devices
EN 1158 door coordinator devices