Hotel locks and security

Hotel locks, electronic locking solutions, as well as in-room safes and energy management systems from ASSA ABLOY deliver added value to the hospitality industry.

Ease of administration, increased security and convenience are just a few of the obvious benefits for both guests and staff.

With solutions in more than six million hotel rooms, ASSA ABLOY Hospitality is the world’s largest provider of hotel locking systems and in-room safes, as well as energy-saving energy management systems, continuously introducing new innovations to the industry including RFID and NFC-based solutions.

VingCard Elsafe is one of the ASSA ABLOY Hospitality brands providing guestroom locks with mag-stripe and smart card lock technology, as well as electronic in-room safes for the hospitality industry, offering user friendly security systems that meet the unique operational needs of hotels and resorts.

Interested in ASSA ABLOY’s door opening solutions?

In the solution pages you can experience our lock and security solutions for any door opening. For inspiration on installed security solutions from ASSA ABLOY please visit our customer reference pages.