Industry and logistics identification

Secure contactless credentials and solutions from ASSA ABLOY Group Company HID Global ensure secure identification and tracking for industry and logistic applications.

Secure contactless credentials have proven their reliability and performance in applications ranging from tracking beer kegs to pharmaceuticals.

When applied to the asset tracking and logistics industry, a fully automated asset tracking system built on secure contactless technology from HID Global can ensure seamless traceability.

Secure contactless tags and readers are useful in the tracking of draught beverage kegs, gas bottles and containers, for example. They are also ideal for industrial laundries, nursing homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other organizations where large-scale processing of garments and linens occurs to identify ownership and track items to ensure that they are returned to the correct owners.

Secure contactless tags and readers are highly robust making them a reliable form of identification that helps automate the collection of waste and recycling, and also represent a huge leap forward in logistics solutions – they can read tags in proximity even through packing material and a multi-read capability allows hundreds of tags to be read and recorded in seconds. Used for medical and health applications, HID Global’s secure contactless credentials have been engineered to withstand the rigors of sterilization and extreme temperatures.

HID Global can develop application-specific solutions for any application, from tracking and handling expensive jewelry to managing warehousing of packed or palletized merchandise. The options are endless.

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