Key management


There is an increasing amount of personnel on company premises, who need access to certain premises and at a certain time in order to take care of their tasks.

For example, the administering of cleaning, maintenance, and security tasks set new kinds of requirements for the corporate key management and safety. High security ABLOY key management systems offers easy to use solutions for multiple industries and applications.

ABLOY CLIQ Web Manager

ABLOY CLIQ Web Manager is a browser-based tool for controlling access rights of locks and keys remotely. Updating the access rights is not bound to time or place - administrators can connect to CLIQ Web Manager via the internet from anywhere in the world.


ABLOY KEYAXXESS is a combination of a key cabinet and user-friendly software. The key control is based on mechanical recognition of the key. In addition, removing and returning keys require personal identification. Each removal and return is recorded in the ABLOY KEYAXXESS software.


ABLOY KEYCONTROL records all relevant system details including keys, doors, key-to-door assignments, signatories, key holders, system address details and more. The database links these core pieces of information together in such a way that once set up, the process of managing the keys is extremely simple.


ABLOY SMARTBOX is a key-control system installed in the truck cab. Keys that allow access to freight can be secured for the duration of each journey. If losses do occur, details of key usage will be found in the key usage register.