Case Helen


Helen (former 'Helsingin Energia') is one of the largest energy companies in Finland. It sells electric energy to about 400,000 customers which covers more than 90 per cent of the Helsinki capital´s need for heating.

High security is critical in a field where the complete service must be 100 % reliable without disturbance. That is why Helsingin Energia chose remotely controlled ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ as an access control system which is based on mechanical and electronic identification. Access rights in the key can be set to a certain time and date and can be easily changed, removed or revalidated.

The access rights in Helsingin Energia are valid for 10 hours. After that they need to be updated again. In that way Helsingin Energia maintains the high security level. If the key gets lost, it is not a risk after the access rights have expired, comments the Chief Security Officer Mats Fagerström.