Banking industry

Abloy adds trust to all aspects of banking industry operations with advanced locking and access management solutions. With growing threats and challenges, ranging from cyberattacks and malicious physical attacks to disruptive new technologies, people, assets and property are protected at both the corporate and local levels.

Protecting investments, critical data and business operations in banking buildings

For smooth, secure and efficient workflow, PROTEC2 CLIQ wireless solutions ensure that only the right people get to the right place at the right time – with only one key. Facility managers can tailor every user’s access permissions to a single programmable key that covers all the needs. Access rights can be based on scheduled times and specific doors, while audit trails and event logs are all collected to the same, fine-grained degree of accuracy.

Protecting cash on the move

With the CLIQ Connect app a key holder no longer needs to physically update access rights. A cash collection team can be redirected on the go by setting new access permissions for a building or ATM using the CLIQ Web Manager. CLIQ Connect’s online opening function can even contribute to secure sequence unlocking for cash collections. For example, locks can require key-operated unlocking within 60 seconds of access being authorised by a system administrator.

Securing and helping to operate the ATM machines

PROTEC2 CLIQ locks offer high-grade physical attack protection for ATM machines while ensuring flexible and easy-to-use access control. CLIQ Connect keys provide mobile updates of access rights and audit trails for locking cylinders installed in secure ATM housings. Bank staff or third-party vendors don’t even need to carry another key to unlock the ATM. Their single CLIQ Connect key is programmed to open only the right ATM at the right time.

Comprehensive product range


PROTEC2 CLIQ is Abloy’s comprehensive and flexible key and access management system. It’s a wireless solution with quick and easy installation, electronic keys and an audit trail. It provides instant and precise situational awareness of movements.


Designed for a seamless, aesthetic and smooth performance in every circumstance,

the ABLOY Electric Locks are the smartest part of your access control system and are easily integrated. They provide real-time information about all your door usage and access rights.


Frequent passage demands smooth traffic, access control and fire safety. ABLOY door closers and fire door closing systems take all this into consideration. Our extensive selection of models offers a reliable solution for banking environments.


For decades, Abloy Oy has been developing a range of customised applications for Original Equipment Manufacturers and Professional End Users. Whether it’s a new configuration of existing components or a completely new structure for an existing system, our goal is always a cost-effective holistic solution, offering a significant competitive advantage.