Individual access rights ensure the security and operational efficiency of locations critical to society, premises with changing user groups, facilities requiring careful monitoring and other high-security locations. Employees will always be able to access the locations they need to, but nothing else.

Water and energy

Reliable water and energy production and distribution are the cornerstones of a functional society at all levels.

Educational institutes and public premises

High utilisation rates and changing users set special challenges for locking solutions.

Telecom operators

Comprehensive protection of data connections requires that the locking solution is able to adapt to many different requirements.


Smart locking systems help to ensure that deliveries reach their destinations untouched, regardless of whether they travel on land, at sea or in the air.


Hospitals have many different kinds of employees. Protecting medicines and patient information, for example, requires that everyone has access only to the necessary premises.

Production facilities

Regardless of the industrial sector, moving around in factories and plants must be both efficient and safe.

Facility management, tube locks

PROTEC2 CLIQ™ is an access control system based on mechanical and electronic identification. Its double technology ensures doubled security.

Basic information about and references for the solutions are available here. From the subpages, you can find information on how to start using a CLIQ™ system and about its life cycle. The extra materials on the right side offer you a sales presentation as well as information on licensing and services.

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