ABLOY EXIT products

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Ease of use quaranteed

The starting points in our product design are ease of use and reliability. The products are tested and certified by official testing organisations. Frequent follow-up tests, as required by standards, are used to maintain high product quality.

Suitable for all applications

Our products are designed and manufactured to remain reliable also in challenging situations and extreme conditions. ABLOY EXIT products can be used in numerous applications, such as schools, offices and public buildings.

Corrosion resistance and ambient conditions

Tested to ensure suitability in demanding conditions


Approved for exit doors according to EN179

Mechanical wear resistance

Tested with 200 000 openings

CE marking

The product is compliant with the EU requirements regarding safety, the environment and consumer protection

Complete ABLOY EXIT solution

  • mechanical lock cases
  • electric locks
  • panic bars
  • push pads
  • door handles
  • door closers and fire door closing systems