Door environment safety is often associated with locking the doors and with authorised entry. However, personal safety also includes getting out. Exits must be unimpeded, passable and safe, even when used by large numbers of people. The doors must be easy to open in an emergency, and exit routes must be clearly marked.

Proven expertise

While Abloy is known internationally for its super safe locking solutions, the development of exit solutions to promote personal safety is equally important to us. We use quality assurance standards to ensure a consistently high product quality, without compromises.

ABLOY EXIT products are tested and certified in accordance with the latest standards. Exit safety is determined by standards EN179 and EN1125, according to which individual exit products must be tested in an actual door environment.

Ease of use

The most important standards with escape routes are EN179 and EN1125. These strict standards set the base requirements to our product's opening and closing force, corrosion- and wear resistance and fire approval.

ABLOY EXIT -products are CE certified.

The CE marked products are always tested to meet a specific application. The CE marking certifies that the product conforms to this standard to be used in a specific environment, it ensures the safety and durability of the product.